March 13, 2017 Robert

Simple Render Repairs to High Rise Buildings

Render repairs

Here are a few photos of some render repairs that I did last week from off the ropes, these sort of repairs come up all the time as often the scaffold is taken down in a hurry and they do not allow the renderer’s time to patch and paint the holes or sometimes we also have to deal with concrete cancer on older buildings which is another story.

high rise render repair job

high rise fix render

For simple render repairs like these I like to get a stone and rub down the high spots, if you do not do this and it is proud or in other words if some of the  previous material sticks out above the surrounding surface, sure you can go over it and smooth it out but it will never look right especially when the sun is above it at certain times of the day.

high rise repairing damaged render

For this particular job I used the Rockcote brand polymer render which I found to be a great product, it sticks well, is easy to work with and is flexible which is sometimes very important if you are repairing cracks and getting that seasonal movement which can happen with either temperature changes or wet and dry seasons which will cause some soils to heave and or shrink.

high rise render rope access

It usually takes two coats of the render to get a good finish and once it is dry follow up with primer and two coats of paint .

tall building render repair

To help it all to look right if you can paint from expansion joint to expansion joint, corner to corner, or whatever it takes to ensure you are not stopping your brush or roller in the middle of a panel or section of wall to help

rendering high rise repair

Here’s the finished product. What you don’t see is the happy client, but I can assure you the client is happy.

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