March 28, 2017 Robert

Where’s Wally – high rise leak fix

We have just had a big dump of rain and now the phone is ringing hot with people wanting us to try and find where it is leaking. Not as much fun as finding Wally in the children’s book, but certainly gratifying when you can stop the inwards flow of water. It’s important to fix a high rise leak quickly before is cases more damage.

Lots of very nice looking buildings going up both on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and all the young architects are coming up with some lovely looking work but for me it only helps to solidify my old school belief in plain old boring “A proper roof with an overhang to shade the sun and stop the rain from leaking in”

I like a lot of the modern finishes such as ACP, Aluminium composite paneling and such but because it is so nice to work with and attractive it ends up being used in what I consider to be less than ideal situations such as where there should be a good old fashioned roof or awning. We have years of joint sealing experience so if you have a great design with a leak or two we are more than happy to help you sort it out, right now. We specialise in high rise leak fixing