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We are like many  in the rope access industry, in that  we actually enjoy the majestic views and thrills offered in the course of our work, however first and foremost we are family men not reckless  thrill seekers. We like you love our families so for us it is safety first. When we undertake a project for you, rest assured we will not take risks and short cuts at the expense of safety. We pride ourselves in doing great maintenance and inspection work  in a safe and non-disruptive manner. Robert started in the construction industry as a plasterer and has gone on to become a carpenter with experience in glazing, rendering, painting, waterproofing, anchor installation and an all round hands on guy.  Kyle started off Welding, sandblasting and painting and from there has gone into horticulture to look after those living facades as well as glazing, anchor installation’s and height safety systems. Between us we have over 50 years of industry experience and 12 years on the ropes.

We have a combined 46 year history in building maintenance and inspections and 11 years’ experience in rope access with an impeccable safety record. Building maintenance and inspection is our top priority. And because we don’t hang off ropes for fun but for our livelihood, we take safety and responsible behaviour at heights very seriously. With us on your team you’ll never hear a customer complain about tradespeople misbehaving on the outside of your building. And because our focus is on providing the highest quality maintenance and inspection work in the industry, you can be sure your building is maintained to the highest standard possible.

All Scale Building Services is a professional company that provides rope access services to help to maintain your property to the highest of standards possible. Our services cover small high rises to buildings of any size and we are specialists in difficult to access work and provide highly trained and experienced operators for industrial rope access.

Through our professional abseiling techniques our technicians can see  and photograph for you exactly what is required to solve that problem or keep the external facade of your building in pristine condition with services such as Commercial Painting, Anchor Installation and Testing, Safety Systems, Auditing, Inspection works, Building Maintenance and Bird Proofing  as just some of the many areas that All Scale Building Services excels in.

All Scale Building Services aim is to deliver the highest quality Rope Access and Safety service available to the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

When it comes to safety,  we take it seriously, our focus is to take no chances, we start with certified anchorage systems that we can install along with the latest training and equipment. At All Scale Building Services our safety procedures do not leave anything to chance.

Our Height Safety Solutions division ensures that our highly skilled rope access technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the latest requirements to ensure that our work place health and safety policies and procedures are strictly adhered to, maintaining the highest levels of safety for our team and the public.

Our rope access technicians are confident to use the systems they install, our abseiling systems and controls are second to none. Our staff are highly experienced, accredited, trained and use all up to date WHS  documentation including Safe Work Method Statements and Rescue Plans.

Use us once and you will realize that our goal is to become your preferred choice of partner in your next building project or continued maintenance and improvement of your property.

Contact us for High rise building solutions, Commercial Painting project or for the right advice regarding anchor installation, testing and certification, abseiling systems auditing, inspection or any other rope access and safety needs you might have.

All Scale Building Services is a company that provides a wide range of services such as Commercial installations, Painting, Asset Maintenance and Height Safety Solutions for the construction and maintenance of high rise buildings and other assets.  Providing experienced rope access technicians that service all areas of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with years of professionalism and experience.

All Scale Building Services can also provide fall arrest or abseil systems which meet all Australian Standards and WH&S Act 2011. We also provide testing and certification of all safety systems.

We do not mind small jobs

Contact us today to discuss your inspection, safety, installation, maintenance or external building cleaning needs and how we can assist you with the ongoing care of your business assets.

At ALL Scale Building Services we take our job and our clients’ needs and concerns seriously. We work hard to deliver a high standard of conduct, build and finish to maintain great working relationships with our clients.

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