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High Rise Rendering off the Ropes

High rise rendering off the ropes is not something you would want to do every day as it is certainly awkward. As you can see by the photos the wall in question was pretty rough and was rejected upon completion of the job.

To make it worse the scaffolding had been removed and was going to cost a small fortune to get it set up again – so we were called in to complete the high rise rendering off the ropes. And to be honest this is the first time I have ever tried anything like this.

Yes I can plaster and render and have lots of experience on the ropes patching defects, repairs and filling in where the scaffolding ties were but rendering off the ropes on a high rise was a bit of a challenge.

The things we learned were that if you are doing a narrow wall as we did you can hook your legs around the sides to get a bit of a grip as you really do need to put some pressure onto the trowel and other tools at times and if you are not gripping the wall with your feet or something you will not likely get a good result as when you push on the tools you just push away from the work.

Petzl make a nifty tool called a sky hook that we use to hook onto or into cracks and corners to get work positioning but again a big flat wall leaves you out of the game.

My advice watch to make sure they do it right the first time so you do not need to get us to fix it.

Bottom line: high rise rendering off the ropes is possible and will save you money compared with erecting scaffolding.

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Where’s Wally – high rise leak fix

We have just had a big dump of rain and now the phone is ringing hot with people wanting us to try and find where it is leaking. Not as much fun as finding Wally in the children’s book, but certainly gratifying when you can stop the inwards flow of water. It’s important to fix a high rise leak quickly before is cases more damage.

Lots of very nice looking buildings going up both on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and all the young architects are coming up with some lovely looking work but for me it only helps to solidify my old school belief in plain old boring “A proper roof with an overhang to shade the sun and stop the rain from leaking in”

I like a lot of the modern finishes such as ACP, Aluminium composite paneling and such but because it is so nice to work with and attractive it ends up being used in what I consider to be less than ideal situations such as where there should be a good old fashioned roof or awning. We have years of joint sealing experience so if you have a great design with a leak or two we are more than happy to help you sort it out, right now. We specialise in high rise leak fixing


What is This Rope Access Gadget?


I was just looking through our work shop and noticed this little gadget that we made for ourselves last year for the tall buildings and it reminded me of a story. As rope access technicians our  life literally hangs on our ropes so we are quite fussy about  what we buy and how we use them.

high rise rope access riging

The ropes we are currently using are  11mm Edelrid and Beale branded Kernmantle rope. That may seem quite thin considering that we often work well over 150 meters from the ground with 200 m ropes. Thin or not they are incredibly strong with a breaking strength in excess of 3000kgs per rope and a bit weighty, we use two of them, one as a working line and the other as a back up

Late last year the contractor we were working for sent one of his laborers up to the roof top to pull up the ropes on one side of the building as it was getting quite breezy and we were on different  ropes part way down the other side.

This poor young fellow looked at the pair of ropes and thought well here goes and started pulling up for all he was worth, it was quite a task as we normally only bring one up at a time and we also like to use a roller as pictured otherwise you  just have to drag it over the edge of the roof and even though we always have edge protection of some sort such as carpet to protect the rope  and finished roof edge it is hard work.

Well this guy did not know any better and was doing it the hard way with not one but both ropes and while he was at it one of the abseilers from another company that were doing the window cleaning saw him and was asked “ Am I doing it right?” by this red faced and sweaty young guy to which he replied” yep just keep going” He told us about it after and we all had a chuckle because he certainly wasn’t doing it right as with one rope at a time and with our  roller it is a lot easier.

Luckily he was fit enough to get the job done the hard way and since then we now call our gadget the “ AIDIR” which stands for “Am I Doing It Right”. So next time you want to know if you are doing it right ask us not the other company.

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Simple Render Repairs to High Rise Buildings

Render repairs

Here are a few photos of some render repairs that I did last week from off the ropes, these sort of repairs come up all the time as often the scaffold is taken down in a hurry and they do not allow the renderer’s time to patch and paint the holes or sometimes we also have to deal with concrete cancer on older buildings which is another story.

high rise render repair job

high rise fix render

For simple render repairs like these I like to get a stone and rub down the high spots, if you do not do this and it is proud or in other words if some of the  previous material sticks out above the surrounding surface, sure you can go over it and smooth it out but it will never look right especially when the sun is above it at certain times of the day.

high rise repairing damaged render

For this particular job I used the Rockcote brand polymer render which I found to be a great product, it sticks well, is easy to work with and is flexible which is sometimes very important if you are repairing cracks and getting that seasonal movement which can happen with either temperature changes or wet and dry seasons which will cause some soils to heave and or shrink.

high rise render rope access

It usually takes two coats of the render to get a good finish and once it is dry follow up with primer and two coats of paint .

tall building render repair

To help it all to look right if you can paint from expansion joint to expansion joint, corner to corner, or whatever it takes to ensure you are not stopping your brush or roller in the middle of a panel or section of wall to help

rendering high rise repair

Here’s the finished product. What you don’t see is the happy client, but I can assure you the client is happy.

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